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  3. Saturday, 17 September 2016
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Since the Samsung Gear VR was introduced in 2014 there have been complaints of overheating issues. The second Innovator Edition was equipped with a small fan inside but to only prevent the lens from fogging.

Surely from the amount of complaints Samsung should have been aware of this issue. The Gear VR Consumer Edition was released in 2015. Cheaper, lighter, redesigned touchpad, more room for glasses and supports more phones.

We purchased the Gear VR Consumer Edition. Being somewhat VR virgins we were excited to start playing with our new Gear VR and experience real virtual reality. We started off with 360 VR pics. The pics were amazing. It felt like you could just leave the world behind and just get lost in virtual reality. Then we advanced to one of the scariest VR games ever, "Dreadhalls". After about 20 to 25 mins into the game we noticed little interruptions and then a message appeared "Please remove your mobile device and let it cool down before resuming". When unclipping the phone we noticed that it was extremely hot. We put it next to a fan to cool down. This was a huge disappoint for such a spectacular product. We loved our new Gear VR and didn't want to send it back but every time we got into a game we were interrupted by overheating and cool down time. There were suggestions to solving the overheating problem. Like, closing open apps during usage, using a frozen gelpack between the goggles and cover, sit in front of a fan or a/c vent. We thought to ourselves, something better has to be done that wouldn't create condensation that may leak on your phone screen and cause water damage or cause you allergies from sitting in front of a dusty fan or a/c vent. I mean the Gear VR is suppose to be a mobile VR headset so you can move freely while enjoying your virtual reality experience without frustration of overheating, right?

So with a 3D Printer and creative thinking by our inventor CUVR was designed. CUVR is a cooling cover designed to fit the Samsung Gear VR both Innovator & Consumer Editions. It features a fan to eliminate overheating, wireless charger to charge phone while in usage, rechargeable battery, on/off buttons controlling fan and charger, lights indicating charging and 4 colors to choose from. CUVR has extended usage time up to 1 1/2 hours to 4 hours so you can play games, watch movies, use your Gear VR on a flight without the interruption of overheating.

We were so excited about CUVR that we decided to share it with other Gear VR users.
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Gary Cox Accepted Answer
do you have a fan for the Samsung S7 ?
I purchased a CUVR and it got here pretty quick but it don't fit my gear.
it"s too small so i am assuming it was made for another model.
I called the number on the invoice
I called at 11;45 AM I got a message that your regular business hours are from 9am-6pm Mon-Sat
so I naturally expected someone to pick up at 11;45 AM on Wednesday. I decided i would leave a message as you could be at lunch. well guess what?
your mailbox is full and can not take any messages lol go figure. I don't know what got into me why would i think that a reputable business would be open during normal STATED business hours. ?

anyway Do you make a CUVR for the Samsung S7 ?
or is it one of those things where i just keep trying to get hold of someone and hope that i can get a RMA before the time to exchange or get a refund expires
  Tucson, AZ, USA
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David Ridings Accepted Answer
Just purchased the consumer edition for older white ones. Didn't work. 15 mins. Phone overheated. Arrived and sounded like there were loose screws rolling around. Wireless did work but fan can't handle the heat. Redesign it. Needs a bigger fan. I'd be happy with a hyper fan and no wireless charging. Going to return this one but the phone number I found goes to someone I think knew you but is no longer associated with you. Gonna look for a better device.
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